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Little Elkhart Lake - Plymouth, WI



The motto of Anokijig is "We serve," and that motto is epitomized in the actions of the hundreds of dedicated volunteers that serve the Anokijig community each year.   

Volunteers can help Anokijig achieve its goal of providing outrageous fun while instilling great values in many ways. Visit this page often for announcements of:

  • Volunteer weekends
  • Work projects
  • Fundraisers

We ask our volunteers to arrive sometime on Friday evening between 6-8 pm. Friday evenings are to make sure everyone arrives comfortably and gets a good nights rest! In certain criumstances, with proper communication we allow Saturday morning arrival.
Saturday we work typically from 8 am until 5:30, and stick around to clean up after dinner. Saturday evenings you would have to accomplish homework, relax, socialize with other volunteers.
Sunday we work until noon, have lunch do a little clean up then hit the road no later than 2 pm! 

If you're only available for part of the weekend, still reach out! We will do our best to accomdate your schedule!

Each weekend we try to provide transportation to and from Camp via two different routes. The first one goes to Madison, the other south through Milwaukee, Kenosha, all the way to the Lake Forest Oasis. 

We look to try and get 2 volunteers from each route to make the transportation cost effective. Our Volunteer coordinator Calvin will communicate with you before end of day Thursday to confirm transportation details!


If you would like to volunteer, choose a weekend below to get started!


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