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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

“Offering the opportunity for your students to gain a better understanding and awareness of our environment and learn lifelong skills outside of the traditional classroom."

Programs available: April, May early June and in September, October, and early November.


The staff at Camp Anokijig will work out a class schedule
(and lodging, if needed) to best suit your group.

Contact us today to reserve your dates!

Camp Anokijig is proud to provide exciting, hands-on Outdoor Education opportunities for your 4k-12th grade students. We offer custom designed outdoor experiences to fit your scheduling needs. Choose from a variety of options:

  • Camp provides all education and recreation elements including curriculum, instructors, recreation activities, lodging and meals.
  • Your staff provides the education elements and Camp provides the recreation elements.
  • Or, Camp will custom design a program in cooperation with your teachers, where we share education and recreation elements.

These are just a few options that are available. We are also able to schedule outside presenters for a number of special programs. Please contact Camp for more information and we would be happy to develop a program to fit the needs of your school.

Our education programs utilize the 396 acres of prime forest land, rolling hills, fields, streams, and ponds surrounding Little Elkhart Lake. We will work with your teaching staff to design a program that best integrates our offerings into your curriculum.

Choose from a variety of classes including:

Wet ‘n’ Wild

Bring wetland studies alive and out of the classroom! Unique to Camp Anokijig, students will have the opportunity to test three different onsite aquatic habitats. Through water quality testing and close observation of many aquatic organisms, students will understand the important relationship between the diversity of life and healthy habitats. Be prepared to get down and dirty with nature, as this class is sure to bring out the wet and wild side of the students.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!?

Some people look at the forest but never see the trees. In this class, we are going to look at the trees and see dollar signs! Not really, but you will hopefully develop an appreciation for the true value of a forest. Students will build their own Cruiser Stick, a measuring tool used by foresters to measure trees to determine their monetary value. Then, it’s off to our forest test plot to identify, measure, and calculate the values for many of our local trees. But, do trees have any value if you leave them standing? Come to this class and find out.


They have been buzzing around us each and every summer, but really these highly complex honey-makers live in a world all their own. This engaging class introduces students to the world of honeybees through basic bee biology and a bee communication game. Come hear the latest buzz on hive hierarchy and the unique communication that is key to the honeybees’ survival.

Fur, Fin, and Feather

What is something that is billions of years old, something everybody has, and something we cannot live without? Adaptations! This interactive, hands-on class investigates the unique characteristics that both plants and animals have developed over time to ensure their survival. Students will construct a plant to solve a survival problem and simulate the adaptations used by certain animals to accomplish specific tasks. Through creative thinking and decision-making, students will be able to identify, describe, and explain adaptations and understand their importance to survival in the environment.

Blowing in the Wind

Is this renewable resource the answer? After measuring potential wind speeds, students will design and build their own wind turbine blades. Challenged to produce the most voltage amongst their classmates, students will test their designs outside, weather permitting, or with the use of indoor fans. Students will also learn about why wind farms and wind turbines along the roadside are a more common sight. This class aims to make students more aware of wind power and its potential. 

Catchin' Rays

This hands-on examination of one of the most used forms of alternative energy has students building their own solar oven and solar hot water heater. As they design and build, students learn how solar energy works and how to prevent heat and energy loss in their system. A competition amongst classmates for the best design and output will take place under the sun, weather permitting, or under our high-power lights.

Take a New Bearing

Base plates, magnetic north, azimuths? Don’t know what these are? You will after this class. Students start by learning the basic parts of a compass and how to read a bearing. Then, it’s off to our woodland compass course where the students, on their own, or in small groups, get to test their new skills in this challenging, but rewarding setting.

Xtreme Living

What do you do when you find yourself lost, alone and with few other possessions than what you can find in your pockets? Survive, that’s what! In this fast paced class students get to challenge their wits in a survival scenario, pack the essential items in a survival kit, and learn how to build a fire using a variety of techniques. Take this class; your survival may depend on it.

GPS Basic

Whether you are way into geocaching or you have always been curious, but never picked up a handheld GPS this class is for you! Start learning the basics of operation and functions of our GPS units and then complete our own mini Geocaching challenge around Camp.  This is a great introduction into this growing sport!

Outdoor Architects

Could you survive a night under the stars? In Outdoor Architects students will have the opportunity to learn one of the most important survival skills; shelter building. Students will explore the common mistakes made in outdoor survival through a hypothetical scenario and then use their new knowledge of shelters to creatively construct rope and tarp, and natural material shelters. Don’t be left out in the cold!

Rock and Ice

The history of the Ice Age is written in the landscape of Wisconsin. During this self-guided or instructed hike, your group will perform experiments that demonstrate how kames, kettles, eskers and moraines were formed as you look at the real thing on our beautiful, glaciated property.

Voyageur Canoeing

Students will learn the basic canoe strokes to pilot our 34-foot voyageur canoes. Each boat holds 24 people, and we have 2! Together, teams will explore Little Elkhart Lake and race around the island.

Teambuilding/ Low Ropes

Students will participate in activities that utilize the skills of cooperation, teamwork, communication, trust, decision-making, creative problem solving, and risk-taking within a safe environment. Come challenge your students to be the best they can be and have a little fun at the same time.


Come learn how to be the next Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen. Practice proper shooting techniques through a variety of archery games and challenges.


Whether you have fished all your life or have never wet a line, brush up on the basics of baiting your hook, casting, and reeling in your own fish. Try fishing Little Elkhart Lake or Mac’s Pond and don’t let the big one get away!


Already a master angler and looking for a new challenge? Spend a little time learning the basic skills of fly-fishing. This fun and exciting activity is sure to challenge even the best fisherman/woman.


Students will have the opportunity to learn some basic horse care and handling techniques. Additional trail ride through the 356 wooded acres of Camp available for an extra fee. Riders must be at least 8 years of age and have a signed waiver.