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Little Elkhart Lake - Plymouth, WI

Alumni Family Camp Weekend

Alumni Family Camp Weekend

Enjoy a weekend vacation in the beautiful Wisconsin outdoors with the ones you love most!
Reconnect with all of your Anokijig friends and introduce them to your families!

Alumni  Family Weekend at Camp Anokijig

We've heard it for years: "I just want to come back and experience Anokijig again!"
Here is your chance! 
Alumni Family Camp Weekend is May 10th-12th, 2024.
Meals will be offered all Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch.
Unlike an average Family/Group weekend, pricing is up to you!  The normal fee for this type of weekend is about $125.00 - $200 per person.  This time, we'll ask you to pay what you can.  If you want to give back another way, consider signing up to volunteer part of your time (see Volunteering below).
You can decide to play all day, volunteer for work projects, or any combination you would like.  For projects, we anticipate putting up tents and splitting wood, to name a few.  Just let us know which experience you're up for when you register.  Together we will recreate the best of the camp staff experience!
Health and Safety
As with most of the world these days policies for commuicable dieseses protection at camp have fluctuated over the last few year.   The focus now is on recognizing symptoms and preventing contact with symptomatic people.  Hence, vaccination is no longer be required for participation but HIGHLY recommended.  We ask everyone attending to agree that when the date of arrival comes close, if anyone in their party is experiencing symptoms of any communicable disease or have been in recent close contact with someone diagnosed with the same, they will not come to camp.  Responsible actions will keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.
As conditions and recommendations change, our policies and procedures will, too.  We will update you as we get closer to your arrival.  
Plan your return to Anokijig, today!  We've got a spot for you at the campfire.
CHECK-IN begins on Friday after 6:00pm in Western Lodge.
DEPARTURE is after brunch on Sunday.


As you may remember, Camp Anokijig has a large variety of cabins and tents. If you haven't been here in a while, you may even see a few new ones. Whether you're nestled in the forest or overlooking beautiful Little Elkhart Lake, you know that each campsite offers a unique way to experience camp! Some of the bigger ones will require a minimum number of people, so let us know if you're looking to stay with anyone else, and register soon to have the best chance at getting the section you want!


Click here to register for the weekend!


Platform Tents
Tent Section

Large canvas tents (tall enough to stand in) permanently on elevated wooden floors with 2 bunk beds and 4 single beds. Some overlook the lake, some are nestled in the woods. Modern bathroom & shower building nearby. Capacity: 8 per tent. (One family group per tent)


Voigt Lodge
Voigt Lodge

Large bunkhouse with 3 separate sleeping rooms, electricity and heat. Bathroom & shower building nearby. Two rooms with a capacity of 20 each, one room with a capacity of 6.


Eastman Lodge
eastman lodge

Log cabin with electricity, heat, and fireplace. 1 large and 2 small rooms. Bathroom & shower building nearby. Minimum group is 4. Capacity: 20.


Thunderbird Lodges
Thunderbird Cabins

Two large single room bunkhouses, electricity and heat. Bathroom & shower building nearby. Minimum group is 4. Capacity: 20 per cabin. (One family per lodge)


Crow's Nest
new crows nest cabin photo

Three single room cabins with Electricity. Bathroom & shower building nearby. Minimum group is 4. Capacity 10 per cabin. (One family group per cabin)


Stone Road Lodges
Stone Road Lodges photo

Three single room cabins with Electricity. Bathroom & shower building nearby. Minimum group is 4. Capacity 12 per cabin. (One family group per cabin)


Health Lodge
Health Lodge

Year-round cabin with six variously sized sleeping rooms plus shared sitting area. Four bathrooms. Electricity, heat, and 2 fireplaces. One family per room.


Myers Lodge
Myers Lodge

Year-round two-story cabin. Electricity, heat, fireplace, and bathroom. Minimum group is 4. Capacity: 36


Lakeview Lodges
Lakeview Cabins

Three individual year-round cabins. Electricity, heat. Bathroom in each. Minimum group is 4. 2 cabins fit up to 12, 1 cabin fits up to 10. 1 Family per cabin. Wheel chair access in Cabin 1.