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Little Elkhart Lake - Plymouth, WI



Camp Anokijig has a large variety of cabins and tents. Whether you're nestled in the Kettle Moraine forest or overlooking beautiful Little Elkhart Lake, each campsite offers a unique way to experience the great outdoors!


Voigt Lodge

Large bunkhouse with heat and electricity. Two big dorm rooms and one small bedroom. Outdoor campfire ring. Capacity is 44. Modern bathroom & showers nearby

Health Lodge

Year round cabin, five sleeping rooms, one bunk room, four bathrooms, shower, two fireplaces, heat, and electricity. Main level has 24 beds. Lower level has 20 beds. Spring and fall only.

Myers Lodge

Year round cabin with heat, electricity, fireplace, bathroom, and showers. Outdoor campfire ring. Main level has 24 beds. Lower level has 12 beds.

Lakeview Cabins

Three year round modern cabins with beautiful campfire ring over looking the lake. Heat, electricity, bathrooms, and showers. Capacity is 34. (10-12-12). Wheel chair access in Cabin 1.

Eastman Lodge

Log cabin with 1 large and 2 small rooms.. Fireplace, heat, and electricity. Modern bathroom and showers nearby. Capacity is 18.


Longhouse Cabins Two cabins with 20 beds in each. Electricity and heat. Campfire ring, and modern showers nearby.


Longhouse Cabin Single cabin with 20 beds. Heat and electricity. Campfire ring. Bathroom and shower nearby.

Platform Tents

Eight capacity Large heavy canvas tents with eight beds and mattresses in each. These are permanent tents set up on wooden platforms in groups. Each group of tents has a campfire area and a bathroom building with running water. Total tent capacity is 264

Tent Section Descriptions:

  1. Hickory Hillcrest: Six tents with eight beds each.
  2. Kingdom Of Moo: Six tents with eight beds each.
  3. Turtle Island: Four tents with eight beds each.
  4. Rippling Ridge: Five tents with eight beds each.
  5. Timberline: Six tents with eight beds each.
  6. Brave Village: Six tents with eight beds each.