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Summer Schedule & Fees 2021

Summer Schedule & Fees 2021

As we plan for 2021 we find ourselves in a quandary. What should we plan for? Will the restrictions still be needed or will some form of “more normal” be able to rule the day. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not subsided and there are an incredible volume of questions and unknowns as to what things will look like come June of 2021. However, one thing stays constant. We at Anokijig are committed to our mission of serving as many children possible with a safe and rewarding camp experience. So that is just what we are planning!!

Because of the unknowns, our plan is to start with what we know and then adapt as we are able. Therefore, we will start registrations with the understanding that we will tentatively offer the same type of “Anokijig Family Style” program as we did in 2020. This link will take you to the description of that program Anokijig - Family Style 2021. There may be minor tweaks to the programing schedule listed but the general structure and precautions/protections should stay the same.  As we move into 2021 we will be continually monitoring the progress of the pandemic with the hopes that as we move into the spring, if it’s possible, we can adjust our programming to add back in things like Ranch, Circle A, Stamper, Carryovers,  etc., as well as more opportunities for younger campers.  If those become possibilities, we will contact you to allow the opportunity to adjust your registration choices.  We will make a final notification of the planned program style at least 7 weeks prior to your start date. We can only hope that the next 6 months will result in a more positive direction for this medical crisis then the last 10 have and a version of “normal” will be safe to return to.

All sessions currently have a fee of $770. However, only a $100 non-refundable deposit per session is required to claim a spot.  All sessions currently serve campers grades 5-10. Sessions  3, 5, & 7 are currently the only sessions that serve campers 2nd-4th grades.

To register just  check a availability for your preferred session at . If your preferred session is currently filled please feel free to choose another and then fill out our waitlist form for the preferred. As people move and change we will inform you if a space opens that you can move your registration to. (please note that due to the time needed for more intense disinfection between groups, in the adjusted program sessions run Sunday to Friday Afternoon. If you are interested in back to back sessions a Friday pick-up and Sunday drop-off will be required.) If we can move to our more traditional program the Rates of the listed specialties will apply. 

Session 1 Jun. 13 to Jun. 18
Session 2 Jun. 20 to Jun. 25
Session 3 Jun. 27 to Jul. 2
Session 4 Jul. 4 to Jul. 9
Session 5 Jul. 11 to Jul. 16
Session 6 Jul. 18 to Jul. 23
Session 7 Jul. 25 to Jul. 30
Session 8 Aug. 1 to Aug. 6
Session 9 Aug. 8 to Aug. 13
Basic Programs (offered every session)
Name Per-session fees before March 1st Per-session fees starting March 1st
Resident Camp $770 $795
Only available in "Traditional Program Style"
$546 $571
"Stamper" Program
Ages 14 and up & Only available in "Traditional Program Style"
$432 $457