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Read what parents and campers have said after their experience at Camp Anokijig!

Parents say:

  • “She came back with her self esteem raised, more confident, and generally VERY happy! ...and this taught her some responsibility.”
  • “I noticed a sense of confidence and independence that she did not have before.... I can’t believe how much difference a week has made in her life.”
  • “He described his week 'like heaven on earth.'”
  • “We’ve been very pleased every year. Your camp is staffed by people who are truly caring. It’s nice to know there are people that one can entrust one’s children to. The camp knows what kids like.”
  • “He was initially frightened, but he ended up enjoying himself immensely. He continued to talk for weeks about his experience.”
  • “Very positive experience. Developed her confidence and independence.”
  • “He had great experiences, made good friends, and loved the food.”
  • “She came home feeling more responsible and sure of herself.”
  • “She had a wonderful time and very much wants to go back.”
  • “Pleased doesn’t describe it-ecstatic! He loved the experiences and the counselors and the other campers as well.”
  • “He loved it , and from what I can tell it was well- run and wholesome fun.”
  • “He came back with confidence that he did not leave with.”
  • “He is always so happy and self assured when I pick him up.

Campers say:

  • “Camp is so fun, you don’t even miss home.”
  • “It's the coolest camp on the planet!”
  • “It’s got a lot of cool activities and you are never bored.”
  • “A great camp with good food and great activities.”
  • “The best time I’ve ever had where you meet tons of great people.”
  • “Awesome trips, the people are great, lots of fun, good eating, really cool.”
  • “It’s fun and awesome. Save your time wondering and just go!”
  • “The view is great. The counselors are nice and the activities are fun.”
  • “WOW!”
  • “I came to camp as a quiet person with no friends but in 2 days I had lots of friends.”
  • “It’s not what you look like but what you are on the inside [that counts].”
  • “Go there, you won’t regret it!”
  • “You should go there definitely.”
  • “It’s just plain FUN!”