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Little Elkhart Lake - Plymouth, WI

Anokijig Heritage

Anokijig Heritage

Founded in 1926, Camp Anokijig has been recognized for excellence in camping for 90 years.


Camp Anokijig was started in 1926 by a group of community leaders with a vision for the future. They started with only 20 rented acres and a small cottage on Little Elkhart Lake. Imagine the first group of campers and staff to arrive at this beautiful setting. Surely, they never considered that they were the founders of a camping lifestyle and traditions that would last over 90 years. Their efforts have benefited thousands of youth, plus because we have stayed true to their vision, Anokijig has been recognized for excellence in camping, youth service, and character development ever since.


Camp Anokijig has grown to 396 acres of beautiful Kettle Moraine Forest surrounding three-fourths of Little Elkhart Lake.   Its core programs are Youth Camp, Adventure Trips, Teen Leadership, Outdoor Education, Family Programs, and Retreats. As one of the largest youth camps in the state, Anokijig has had a stellar record of successful years serving thousands of youth and families. Approximately 11,000 guests experience the Spirit of Anokijig every year.  The original founders probably never imagined how their vision would grow and become a world service organization with children gathering from all corners of our country and international guests coming to experience Anokijig and the values there in.   


 The future for Anokijig is still based on the original founders vision that was developed in 1926.  Their intention  was to always aim high and strive to serve more youth with programs that offer opportunities for personal growth while having a positive living experience in  the outdoors.  What could ever be better than: New Friends, Positive Values, Personal Growth, Great Adventures, and Outrageous Fun?  We know that the  future is what we make of it and as long as we stay on course and steer a true heading guided by our moral compass, Anokijig will thrive for years to come.    Imagine - we are already focused on the next 90 years!