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Teen Leadership Program

Teen Leadership Program

Teen Leadership… from a summer at Anokijig to the rest of their lives… inspiring youth, making a difference, and having outrageous fun.

Teen Leadership is one of our most valued core programs. Commonly referred to as Junior Staff, this element of our mission promotes healthy adolescent  development  while providing valuable real-world experiences that encourage the participants to become responsible citizens willing to make a difference. To be accepted in this program teens must fill out an application and agree to a minimum commitment of three weeks;  one week in Leadership Training and at least two weeks in Experiential Leadership Activities.    

 Program Goals:
  • Provide powerful, life-changing, leadership training for teens…class style and experiential.
  • Give teens the experiences needed to actively be a leader - training and supervision.
  • Give participants a meaningful assignment, including them as a vital part of the camp operation instead of just being an observer.
  • Have teens be accountable for their actions and choices, the same as an adult - with reviews, counseling, and praise for their efforts.
  • Help each young person discover that s/he has the potential to lead.
  • Unique to Anokijig is our philosophy to make this available to all teens by eliminating the typical fee restrictions usually associated.       
Program Objectives:

  • Personal growth of participants - learning life-long skills such as a solid work ethic, positive attitude,  teamwork, communication, self-determination, and  leadership principles - qualities that will help build a foundation of valuable traits relative to a productive and successful adulthood.
  • Hone teens’ leadership skills through actual experiences, not just in the classroom.
  • Provide a learning environment that is nurturing; not autocratic.
  • Teens discover and are challenged to improve their character, values and ethics.